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C Story

C Story

Trying something new, but not so new. Thoughts? Check out more of my photography on Instagram @chenichol_photography

Amazon vs Everything? Part 2

  On July 18th Amazon added a new feature to its Amazon iPhone app called Dubbed Spark, a new shopping social network that lets consumers follow specific categories and people.  “Whether you’re looking for inspiration for home décor or seeking advice for the best long-distance running shoes, Spark makes it easy to discover — and shop … Continue reading

Amazon vs Everything?

On June 20th e-commerce giant Amazon introduced its new service, Prime Wardrobe, categorized under Amazon Fashion. With Prime Wardrobe: Customers can try on clothing before buying it, Customers can order multiple items and then decide whether they want to keep any of the clothing or send it back, If shoppers keep at least three items, they … Continue reading

Teads x Tommy Hilfiger

Outstream video specialist Teads has integrated a chatbot within outstream video ad formats. Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger is the first brand to use the technology with its TMY.GRL chatbot. TMY.GRL chatbot is a Facebook Messenger bot that can be accessed through the brand’s Facebook page or the messenger app that we all have on our phones. One of the purposes … Continue reading

What is out-stream video?

What is out-stream video?!? Seeing the term only once, this digital video tool is super new to me. Hope I am not the only one? From the few sources I found discussing out-stream the meaning of this advertising tool varies.  According to eMarketer, out-stream video is a form of digital advertising in which video units are … Continue reading

Are Instagram Influencers Bad For Fashion?

Highsnobiety‘s Aleks Eror posed the question, are Instagram Influencers bad for fashion?  The influencer has become the goto vessel for brands to pin their latest marketing campaign with reasoning of influencers having large social media followings, commanding plenty of eyes that brands would like to show their products off to. This being a personal question, plus … Continue reading

Will more luxury fashion brands begin to embrace influencers?

 With 92% of consumers trusting influencers over celebrity endorsements, according to research by MuseFind, influencer marketing is only going to continue to rise among brands. But for the luxury sector specifically, influencer marketing is proven to be a struggle (Bobila, 2017). Fashion and Beauty Monitor’s latest report “The New Face of Luxury,” released on May 17, … Continue reading

What Exactly Is Influencer Marketing???

What is influencer marketing? Though I continue to read and hear more about this type of marketing I am still really confused on the actual meaning. It seems like a position that can be done within a company’s Marketing and/or Advertising teams via traditional and/or social/new media. Forbes contributor AJ Agrawal describes influencer marketing as … Continue reading

Social Commerce. Yes or No?

Have you ever made a social commerce purchase? Social Commerce, one of the four zones of social media marketing is defined as a form of electronic commerce which uses social networks to assist in the buying of selling of products. Social commerce utilizes user ratings, referrals, online communities and social advertising to facilitate online shopping … Continue reading

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