Amazon vs Everything: Prime Wardrobe


On June 20th e-commerce giant Amazon introduced its new service, Prime Wardrobe, categorized under Amazon Fashion.

With Prime Wardrobe:

  • Customers can try on clothing before buying it,
  • Customers can order multiple items and then decide whether they want to keep any of the clothing or send it back,
  • If shoppers keep at least three items, they get 10% off their total purchase. Keeping five items will give them 20% off their purchase,
  • Shipping is free both ways, and customers can leave returns by their front doors instead of visiting a postal office

Amazon is expected to surpass Macy’s this year [2017] to become the biggest apparel seller in the US this year, according to Cowen, a financial services firm.

A survey by Cowen found that nearly 18% of consumers prefer to shop for apparel, shoes, and accessories on Amazon, compared to 40% who prefer to visit department stores (Peterson, 2017).

screen shot 2017-06-20 at 24423 pm

I definitely categorize myself as the 40% shopper (in addition to shopping in mall specialty stores and on a brand’s website). Prime Wardrobe seems very time consuming and a little complicated with all of service steps. I prefer to just physically go into a retail store, look, try on products, then decide to purchase during that moment.

Once Prime Wardrobe officially launches I hope I am able to see how it works in real life?! If it is all worth it?

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