C Story

C Story

Trying something new, but not so new. Thoughts? Check out more of my photography on Instagram @chenichol_photography

My Day at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

To me Modern art (Contemporary or Postmodern art) is philosophy, inspiration, imagination, non-traditional, experimentation, use of unique materials, abstract.  But most of all Modern art allows and inspires art lovers/admires to think… and try to interpret the meaning or purpose of an art piece.  Being able to or trying to interpret an Artist’s piece on … Continue reading

Saucer Magnolia Tree

Hey Peeps. If you enjoy Photography (esp. nature shots), please check out my Photography blog. Gale Photography @ galephotos.wordpress.com To view more photos, visit galephotos.wordpress.com.  Thanks a mill!!! -Fashionably Sound

Back at National Museum of Women in the Arts

A few beautiful art pieces from the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA), which I was able to snap while visiting the museum :).   I discovered the NMWA when visiting the Women Who Rock Exhibit, and returned a few times to see new exhibits, installations, and permanent pieces.  Untitled #781, 1994 by Petah Conye. Made of wax, plastic, cloth, and steel I love love love this sculpture dress, and … Continue reading

Women Who Rock Exhibit!!

If you haven’t already experienced the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Women Who Rock exhibit (or would love to see it again) you definitely should!!! I visited the exhibit twice last year, it was awesome! Dating from the 1920s to the new millennium, the exhibit time travels through Women in music from every thinkable genre: Disco, Pop, … Continue reading

ArtsPlus for Arts Lovers

Since Fashionably Sound is for Arts Lovers, in addition to the already Fashion+Music presence, I felt it fitting to begin adding Art, Fine Art, Performing Arts and Photography posts to the blog. All in which I enjoy. Everything Art.  Hope you enjoy! fashionablysound

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