Are Instagram Influencers Bad For Fashion?

Highsnobiety‘s Aleks Eror posed the question, are Instagram Influencers bad for fashion?

influencers-bad-fashion-main-1200x800 The influencer has become the goto vessel for brands to pin their latest marketing campaign with reasoning of influencers having large social media followings, commanding plenty of eyes that brands would like to show their products off to.

This being a personal question, plus the fact that I do not follow influencers via Instagram I cannot say if they are good or bad for fashion. I view influencers as the “popular kids,” the winners of a popularity contest, who most do not hold education or professional experience in the fashion industry. On Instagram I follow fashion brands, experts, and any pages related to the art of fashion, basically I prefer to hear from brands, designers, and industry insiders.

While I am not a fan of the influencer, influencers could be useful to the industry with factors such as a brand’s product exposure leading to the purchase a product by an influencer’s follower. Some people are far more likely to buy a product if it’s suggested to them by someone that they know, trust, and/or admire, rather then a brand’s employee behind a computer promoting a product via the brand’s business Instagram.

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