Fashionably Sound exhibits the world of fashion and music, two of my favorite topics. This blog caters to a youthful and trendy audience. Viewers are able to explore the world of fashion and learn new trends from the runway to everyday wear, as well as contemporary and up & coming designers, models and music artists. With this blog I hope viewers will enjoy what they read, and be able to walk away with more knowledge in high fashion, with a bonus for music lovers. In addition, I will like to use this as a tool for further marketing myself for a future in the fields of Communication, PR/ Marketing, particularly in the fashion and entertainment industry. Enjoy, Thanks for contributing!

Instagram @chenichol

Twitter & Pinterest: @simplychels1

Enjoy nature photography? Check out my Photography IG page @chenichol_photography

-Chelsea Nichol

6 Responses to “About”
  1. Dmariaro says:

    Just checked this out and I have to say you are doing a good job with it. All I see is swag and more swag… lol

  2. You are doing amazingly well! I love what you have done with your blog! Your pictures are a great mix with your write ups. Great stuff!

  3. Ryan Gale says:

    Love it! Your work is great, very interesting stories and topics!

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