Teads x Tommy Hilfiger

Outstream video specialist Teads has integrated a chatbot within outstream video ad formats. Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger is the first brand to use the technology with its TMY.GRL chatbot.

TMY.GRL chatbot is a Facebook Messenger bot that can be accessed through the brand’s Facebook page or the messenger app that we all have on our phones. One of the purposes of TMY.GRL chatbot is for the brand to focus on a deeper interaction with consumers, resulting in a more rewarding shopping experience for its customers.


Back to Teads and TMY.GRL chatbot collaboration… 

Tommy_Hilfiger_chatbotUsing Teads’ technology, Tommy Hilfiger has integrated a chatbot into its outstream video ads to extend its reach beyond Facebook Messenger; the bot is accessed via a call to action laid over the video creative, which encourages users to engage (Murphy, 2017). 

“Outstream video ads provide a superior user experience over other video advertising formats, and adding this extra level of personalization makes them even more powerful,” said Teads CEO, Bertrand Quesada. 

Since I am not a Tommy Hilfiger consumer, I will not get to try out this new collaboration via TMY.GRL chatbot. Maybe if the Teads X Tommy Hilfiger collaboration is successful other fashion brands will discover the opportunities of chatbot integrations with their video ads and follow suit.

Source: Murphy, D. (2017, June 27). TEADS LAUNCHES VIDEO AD CHATBOT, TOMMY HILFIGER. Retrieved from http://mobilemarketingmagazine.com/teads-launches-video-ad-chatbot-tommy-hilfiger-the-first-brand-to-use-it.

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