the Then, the Now, the Forever…Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

With the anniversary of his going away previously passing a month ago, I will like to pay tribute to a designer I love, Alexander McQueen.

The McQueen brand haves boutiques worldwide in New York, London, Milan. As well as numerous A-list clients, such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Along with creative messages, Alexander McQueen showcases creativity, elegance, edginess, sexiness, beautiful crafted pieces in every lavish runway show.

Lee Alexander McQueen was a British fashion designer and couturier. He held the position of Chief Designer for Givenchy from 1996 to 2001, following the creation of his own label, self named, Alexander McQueen. McQueen was a true innovator and master; he experimented with new ideas, fabrics, and designs with every collection. He was able to make certain styles high fashion; one involving McQueen’s use of skulls in his design… skull scarves!!

Skull Scarfs

Yep, originated from McQueen. This style of scarf became an instant trend. It became a celebrity must have and was duplicated all over, in retail stores and designs.

Grotesque Shoe

One of my favorite creations is the grotesque shoe, introduced in the Spring 2010 collection. I can only imagine this shoe being challenging and crazy to walk in, but it does not matter these shoes are art pieces and overall just super cool.

McQueen earned four British Designer of the Year awards and a CFDA’S International Designer of the Year award for his achievements in fashion. In 2006, he launched McQ, a younger, more lower priced line for men and women. In 2007, McQueen became the first designer to participate in MAC’s promotion of cosmetic releases created by fashion designers.

Unfortunately, on February 11, 2010, McQueen passed away. His brand and company was passed on to his successor, Sarah Burton. Burton has definitely kept the torch burning. Her ideas and new innovations have continued to live up to the McQueen brand. Forever McQueen

Some of my favorite McQueen Looks/Collections

Spring 2010 RTW
Spring 1999 RTW
Fall 2009 RTW


  1. I absolutely love McQueen and all of his designs. I was tuned on to him when Lady GaGa wore his ridiculous hoof shoes in one of her music videos. his designs were always so different and out of the ordinary; yet the would still work as an ensemble. I actually had no idea that the scarf trend was started by him. I find it so funny that scarfs became a stable in my outfits and I didn’t even know it was thanks to McQueen. When I heard about his passing I thought it was strange how upset I actually got. His designs were so avant garde that I find it hard to believe that someone else can take over. hopefully Sarah Burton will wow us with her interpretation of McQueen’s vision.

  2. The post looks great with the many images, your layout and McQueen’s photo. McQueen is fascinating – great topic and you left me wanting to know more. But you gave us some takeaways – the skulls and the heels. nice work. RIP

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