Resort Defined + Resort 2017

Resort collections shown May-July, to Me, in reality have little to do with resorting or vacation, but are basically Pre-Spring/ Summer collections.  These collections give the fashion world a look into what is come in September/ October. But we’ll have to wait unto September – Spring 2017 when we see the full collections to see if my theory is correct.

My ‘Resort‘ Pinterest board displays fun fashions, patterns, and brightness!!!

Below are some of my favorite ‘Pre-Spring’ 2017 looks from three of my usual favorite designers/ labels: Rosie Assoulin, DKNY, and Zac Posen, plus some Suno and little new Cinq à Sept by Jane Sisken.

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Below are some experts I found from an archive article from InStyle Magazine about Resort collections.  

“One of the more outdated terms in fashion industry jargon happens to be one that you are probably hearing a lot about lately as designers and magazines place more emphasis on their so-called “cruise” collections…” Some designers also call them “resort” or “holiday” collections, but the general idea, at least when they started making these in-between collections for retailers decades ago, was to suggest clothes to fit the needs of very wealthy women who travel to warm destinations during the winter months. These used to be sold privately to stores, with no interest from the press, to freshen up their stock during the months when all the good runway merchandise had been sold or was on the clearance racks.”

“It’s about creating desirable pieces that can take you from October through early spring,” said Derek Lam.

“These collections are also financially important to luxury labels because they are on selling floors longer than any other season, which helps explain why some of them present them with lavish destination events.”

“Another suggestion, given that it’s already confusing that designers show fall collections in the spring and spring collections in the fall, has been to rename all of them numerically, as in 1, 2, 3, 4.”

Source:  Wilson, Eric. (2014). Do You Know: Cruise Collections Have Nothing To Do With Vacations. InStyle Magazine. Retrieved from

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