My Day at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

To me Modern art (Contemporary or Postmodern art) is philosophy, inspiration, imagination, non-traditional, experimentation, use of unique materials, abstract.  But most of all Modern art allows and inspires art lovers/admires to think… and try to interpret the meaning or purpose of an art piece.  Being able to or trying to interpret an Artist’s piece on ones own is creativity in its self; no matter how close or far off ones meaning might be from an Artist’s visions.  At the end only the Artist knows the real meaning of its piece!

This was my first time visiting and experiencing The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, which has a sleek architectural design btw. It was amazing!!  Including painting, sculpture, photography, media, architecture, and drawing collections.  MoMA also has a awesome sculpture garden to relax in and is easy to transport to if visiting NYC. 

Below are some pieces I enjoyed during my visit (photos taken by me)…

De Lama Lamina: A Danca De Lama Lamina by Matthew Barney, 2004.  Chromogenic color prints in self-lubricatiing plastic frames.

Mine Kafon Wind-Powered Deminer by Massoud Hassani, 2011.  Made from bamboo & biodegradable plastics.

Comet by Ron Gorchov, 1974.  Oil on canvas 

Untitled by Blinky Palermo, 1970. Dyed cotton mounted on muslin.  Simplicity at its best, from the title to the 2-shade green. Minimalism & geometric.

Click here for more info of visiting MoMA.

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