Forever Amy, Remembering Amy Winehouse

It will take me forever to write how much I love Amy. She was as a talented artist, singer, songwriter, musician, and forever a music legend. Her lyrics continue to have a personal impact in my life. Amy’s music will FOREVER live on. There will never be another, hands down one my favorite (and best) artist. Her lyrics are relatable, you can hear her vulnerability and raw emotion. Her music spans in many musical genres: jazz, hip hop, R&B, reggae, blues. My favorite, the best, I miss her. FOREVER AMY!!! 

I’ve been going Amy photo and video crazy this week, remembering Amy, the anniversary of her going to paradise. Hope you will enjoy these two live rocking performances as much as I do! And always props to Amy’s band & background singers!

I love when I can find live performances from FRANK, rare. Check out Amy on her guitar performing ‘Stronger Than Me’

And off course have to add a performance from one of her most classic, popular, famous songs … ‘Back to Black’  

Rest in Peace, Amy Winehouse

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