5 Most Memorable Fall 2014 Runway Shows (cont.)

With Fall/Winter 2014 RTW fashions shows now ended,  I’d thought I’d create a list of the 5 Most Memorable Runway Shows, focusing on Runway’s atmosphere, Clothing, Stories, and Model Cast!!

Check out the first 3 Most Memorable Runway Shows from F/W14 season!! 

Chanel took its audience Grocery shopping; and continues to make Sneakers high fashion.

Photo: Yannis Vlamos/IndigitalImages.com

Chanel’s Runway event bought me back to 2 memorable Runways from past seasons: Moschino Cheap & Cheap Spring 2012, Farmers Market theme runway and Moschino Spring 2013 Menswear, Supermarket theme runway.. Humm interesting


And lastly, OFF COURSE, Alexander McQueen 

McQueen collections and/or Runways always leave me with some amazing aspect to remember.  This season Sarah Burton & Co. created Goth Haunting Nature Creatures (this was honestly the first description I thought off when first viewing this collection). Amazing, beautiful details and layout.

Photo: Marcus Tondo/ IndigitalImages.com

-Fashonably Sound

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