Lysa Cooper, celebrity Stylist, Vogue Italia interview

Lysa Cooper
Lysa Cooper

Lysa Cooper!!!  A FAB stylist, stylist to some of  the hottest celebrities (Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye, and much much more), early July she did a very real interview for Vogue Italia, featuring her work/ styling work, clients, opinions and more.  I enjoyed reading Cooper’s interview, it showcased her ‘ima say what I feel/ believe attitude’. The interview was wise, daring, and entertaining.  If you haven’t read the interview, or would love to read it again, click here.  Enjoy!!

Q:  What would you like you to see happening fashion-wise?

A:  “One of my strongest issues and points with the young women I’ve been working with, is to bring “pretty” back. And I literally mean, bring it back. Pretty means you wash your hair.  You smile, and you’re feminine. It doesn’t mean you have to be girly and frilly…just really bringing the beauty of the woman back.”  -LC

Interview by Robyn Carolyn Price

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