Women Who Rock Exhibit!!

Women Who Rock!!
Women Who Rock!!

If you haven’t already experienced the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Women Who Rock exhibit (or would love to see it again) you definitely should!!!

I visited the exhibit twice last year, it was awesome! Dating from the 1920s to the new millennium, the exhibit time travels through Women in music from every thinkable genre: Disco, Pop, Rock, R&B, and much much more.

Just a tiny glimpse of some featured Fierce Females… 50s: Wanda Jackson & Ruth Brown, 60s: Tina Turner & The Ronettes, 70s: Donna Summers, 80s: Joan Jett & Cyndi Lauper, 90s: Faith Hill & Queen Latifah, 2000s: Alicia Keys

The exhibit includes life size mannequins resembling the female artists and some of their famous styles, videos of performances, and featured videographies/ documentaries/ interviews.

You walk out with new and advanced knowledge on your favorite female artists (plus some artists you may not have been that familiar with)… One of those instances where you might have a heard a great song but was not aware who the artist was, you will definitely know by time you leave this amazing exhibit.

UPDATE: The exhibit is now in Seattle, Washington, USA, (Experience Music Project) June 2013-September 2013

For more info about Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Women Who Rock exhibit check out their website at  http://rockhall.com/exhibits/women-who-rock/

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