Artist Spotlight: Lana Del Rey

Shout out to Lana Del Rey!! With her unique singing voice, retro sounds, old Hollywood style + femme fatale persona… she’s definitely been doing her thing in music, as well as in fashion.

Born to Die was released in the beginning of the year. Born to Die is one of the best albums of 2012 and on my list of favorite albums. It is one of those albums that you could listen to in its entirety without skipping any tracks, plus playing it over and over you still cant get tired of it. I enjoy every track, from “Blue Jeans”, “Off to the Races” to “This Is What Makes Us Girls”… Amazing album, love it!!

This November, Lana Del Rey followed Born to Die with her recent release Paradise. Including singles “Ride” and “Body Electric”

Born to Die – The Paradise Edition includes all the tracks from Born to Die plus the entire Paradise album.

Lana Del Rey is a talented artist and creative songwriter!! Each of her music videos is a work of art. Below, the video for “National Anthem

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