Without a Doubt, NO DOUBT is BACK!!!

Top to Bottom: Gwen Stefani (vocals), Adrian Young (drums),Tom Dumont (guitar) and Tony Kamal (bass)

It’s been since 2003 Rock Steady that No Doubt has released a full album…up until now in 2012. Tony, Adrian, Tom and one of the ultimate kick ass rock females Gwen (better known as NO DOUBT) are back!!! And I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

The Pop/Punk/ Alternative Rock band, which has held success in the music business for a little more than two decades, is definitely back. No Doubt deliver hit after hit songs through the years, and they debuted their newest single “Settle Down” (another hit song) on 7/17/12, the sound is combination of Tragic Kingdom and Rock Steady. Their second single, “Push and Shove” was recently released on iTunes, on 8/29/12. Loveeee the new singles, the group’s vibe and dynamics are the same, nothings changed, love it all! No Doubt forever!! The band’s long anticipated album, Push and Shove, would be released on September 25, 2012. Counting down for the release.

All No Doubt fans, from the beginning of their careers to those who became fans throughout the years should own the ultimate album hits collection, The Singles: 1992-2003. This album is a compilation of some of No Doubt’s most popular and famous hits from each album, including just some of my personal favs: “Trapped in a Box”, “Don’t Speak”, “Sunday Morning”, “Ex-Girlfriend, “Simple Kind of Life”, and “Underneath it All”. The Singles: 1992-2003 a definite MUST HAVE!

While I eagerly wait for Push and Shove to be released on September 25th, I will be highly satisfied by viewing No Doubt performing live as part of the NFL Kickoff pre-show for the New York Giants/Dallas Cowboys football game on September 5th, so make sure to check your local listings and tune in (for No Doubt off course) lol.

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